Thought I deserved a break...

... from my nasty dissertation.

Time for an update I believe. Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes... Valentines day! Just to sum it up - Laura told her boyfriend that she loves him, well rather the glowsticks in the garden did (which are still there). And yes of course he said it back, we all knew he would. Well he didn't say it back he brought her a lovely dress and stuck it in a box with a big bow and wrote a little 'I love you' note in top. Bless. So she's been pretty cheery.

Ollie had a great time getting sweaty in the mosh pit with strange boys, whilst drunkenly sending texts to his ex-boyfriend proclaiming his love. They are now back together. He also took a picture of a puddle of vomit and sent it to Laura, using it to describe her romance with Ben... she got an appology the next day.

I did what I said and stayed in, didn't watch the film though... just crashed out. Whilst receiving texts from my psycho of an ex... he just won't get the message that I don't want to be anything, not friends, not anything. It gets really frustrating sometimes, and I hate to ignore him and pretend that he doesn't exist because it must hurt a lot but I really don't have any other option. It's been a good week since I last heard from him, one can only hope he has the message loud and clear but I will keep you updated if things change.

Quite a lot has happend since I last posted. Birthday planning is full steam ahead (T minus 16 days). I have received my package of lovely confectionary which I will be putting around the venue. I've got my wristbands too, which I will be decorating in the next few days. Speakers are slowly getting sorted. I still think £150 is too steep but hey ho... I want everyone to hear the tunes!

Went to the Moda relaunch last Friday. Moda is always a success and Friday was wild. I met one of my favourite DJ's and we danced and had a cheeky smooch. I remember drunkly telling him "Your song is my ringtone" or something to that effect. Gosh. I then danced for absolutely hours whilst Futurecop! played their live set. Catching the eye of another certain Dj and enjoying the rest of the night with him. All in all an unforgetable night. Thanks Moda.

Head to their website if you fancy checking out what Moda is all about www.thisismoda.com Next up is Calvin Harris (dj set) and Autokratz at the Engine Shed, Lincoln on the 6th March. Not to be missed!

My dissertation is still on-going. Nearly completed my Literature review, may need to change the name of my blogspot soon!

I'm looking forward to Saturday, I'm heading home to Milton Keynes for the night. My friend Jackson turned twenty one yesterday so we are celebrating fancy dress styleee! I've opted to go as Barbie. It's something that I feel very passionate about, I've always wanted to dress like a complete pink, frilly, long-haired, high-heeled bimbo and now I can and get away with it. My plan was to make a giant hairbrush but I haven't had the time unfortunately. I spent last night chopping into my blonde wig, which is looking very Mean Girls esque. I may post up a photo when I am fully transformed, I hope to shock and terrify.

So yes, this is me for another week. Best get back to reading tons of journals and books.

Vickee xo


v-day is fast approaching...

I'm not so sure why I am even blogging this, I've never had a Valentine and I quite like it that way!

If you love someone, tell them everyday... morning and night/ugly and pretty/up and down, all year round. I think if someone made a big romantic gesture to me I'd get really embarrassed and want to give it back, not in an ungrateful way but in a 'why me? Are you sure?' kind of way.

I'm the only singleton in my house this Valentines. Laura has her lovely boyfriend from Guilford visiting... she's going to say the 'L' word for the first time, so high drama in our house just now. It's quite lovely really, she's going to spell out 'I Love You' in tea lights in the back garden. Lincoln; notorious for its gusty spells may put a small spanner in the works so Laura being Laura has a plan B.... glow sticks! Perfect for any romantic occasion not just the odd rave. She's made a picnic for her bedroom floor too, little heart shaped cakes that look so tasty. It all kicks off in a few hours when her boyfriend rolls up. Fingers crossed for her. But it's so obvious that he is crazy about her. We call it 'mush time' because they're all mushy together like peas.

Ollie is in Derby for the night, his way of coping with V-day is getting into a massive mosh with hundreds of sweaty boys.... right up his street.

I am thankfully going out, couples make me itch. Not in a nasty way but in a very slightly aggravated way. I'd much rather gather my (single) girls and shake my tail feathers. Trying a new night tonight; Motown, Soul and Funk at the Library bar (the place I'm holding my 21st) I've been there lots recently, lets hope I don't get sick of the sight of the place before my big day. Getting funky with a glass of wine is very much up my street. May watch 'Paris, Je t'aime' tomorrow after the vintage fair, but this could be a recipe for disaster. Kleenex at the ready? Don't worry, I'm not that soppy.

Oh and I am a fully-fledged member of Twitter now. I'm now over my four year Myspace addiction (this ended months ago), and I am wondering how long my relationship with dear old Facebook will last. I feel that Twitter is far more my age. I am going to use it to aid my future career and with any luck get my PR and Advertising self out there.

With love this Valentines.

Vickee xo