v-day is fast approaching...

I'm not so sure why I am even blogging this, I've never had a Valentine and I quite like it that way!

If you love someone, tell them everyday... morning and night/ugly and pretty/up and down, all year round. I think if someone made a big romantic gesture to me I'd get really embarrassed and want to give it back, not in an ungrateful way but in a 'why me? Are you sure?' kind of way.

I'm the only singleton in my house this Valentines. Laura has her lovely boyfriend from Guilford visiting... she's going to say the 'L' word for the first time, so high drama in our house just now. It's quite lovely really, she's going to spell out 'I Love You' in tea lights in the back garden. Lincoln; notorious for its gusty spells may put a small spanner in the works so Laura being Laura has a plan B.... glow sticks! Perfect for any romantic occasion not just the odd rave. She's made a picnic for her bedroom floor too, little heart shaped cakes that look so tasty. It all kicks off in a few hours when her boyfriend rolls up. Fingers crossed for her. But it's so obvious that he is crazy about her. We call it 'mush time' because they're all mushy together like peas.

Ollie is in Derby for the night, his way of coping with V-day is getting into a massive mosh with hundreds of sweaty boys.... right up his street.

I am thankfully going out, couples make me itch. Not in a nasty way but in a very slightly aggravated way. I'd much rather gather my (single) girls and shake my tail feathers. Trying a new night tonight; Motown, Soul and Funk at the Library bar (the place I'm holding my 21st) I've been there lots recently, lets hope I don't get sick of the sight of the place before my big day. Getting funky with a glass of wine is very much up my street. May watch 'Paris, Je t'aime' tomorrow after the vintage fair, but this could be a recipe for disaster. Kleenex at the ready? Don't worry, I'm not that soppy.

Oh and I am a fully-fledged member of Twitter now. I'm now over my four year Myspace addiction (this ended months ago), and I am wondering how long my relationship with dear old Facebook will last. I feel that Twitter is far more my age. I am going to use it to aid my future career and with any luck get my PR and Advertising self out there.

With love this Valentines.

Vickee xo

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