Feeling Fenech for 2010

Four pretty boys in skinnies? Check. With an outlandish name? Check. Catchy riffs? Check. Terribly addictive lyrics? Check. And just today tipped by iTunes as their artist to watch in 2010? Double ch-check. It must be my new favourite band Fenech-Soler that are getting indie kids everywhere hot under their Fred Perry collars by marking every box.

Who? You may ask. What an unusual name you may think. Correct, an unusual name - they've already checked that box remember. But it was thought through and not just an off-the-cuff 'let's name ourselves after a day of the week' decision, their bass player has the surname Soler and it's based around a Maltese patriot who was alive and kicking in the 1700's. If you don't want to look like an idiot in HMV when you purchase new EP 'Lies' I'll sound it out for you "phen-ick so-laar". Now we've got that sorted I'll tell you a bit more about their sound and why I think they're ever so delightful.

Recently signed to Andy and Jaymo (off of Radio 1)'s Moda Music label, their first single to get major airplay is called 'Lies' and no that wasn't just by our dj duo. They also featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire as part of their new music show. The band appeal to all ages and have great club appeal, highlighted by remixes of 'Lies' from Alex Metric and Tom Staar. I asked the guys how it feels to hear their song on the radio and whether they have a good old knees up when hearing their tune in a club - "it's very gratifying to hear our song on the radio... that (Alex Metric's) remix certainly did get us dancing although we kept it to the studio! Alex is a very talented musician. So are these four lads, and they sure can put on a show. They explain; "We perform our songs rather than just play them... electronic music can be difficult to get right live but it's all about energy and passion on stage for us." This was clear to see when the band took to the world's smallest stage in the world's most crammed room for Huw Stephen's 'Introducing' night at The Social in London. "The Social was really good fun! Sometimes shows like that are even better as you can create and control an atmosphere very quickly." I was singing along to songs I'd heard for the very first time, how is that even possible? Granted I probably looked like a four year old trying to recite the Alphabet at the time but I enjoyed the process! And I enjoyed their exciting array of garments, like a magpie looking at something shiny - or just me looking at something shiny? I asked how they create and hone their style; "We really like Fred Butler. We wore some of her pieces for a few shoots we did in the summer. We just pick up stuff as we go along. The 'Lies' outfits were found in a second hand store in Paris." Long-live the Charity shop!

'Lies' is one of the most catchiest tunes I've heard this year, and that's saying something considering that we're on the edge on a new decade. I strongly believe that Fenech have a place in the future of the Electro/Indie scene so watch this space and download their 'Lies' EP.


Ellie 'gold dust' Goulding.

Part 1 in my series of BIG for 2010 - heads up all La Roux, Regina, and Bat For Lashes fans this is Ellie Goulding, a wonderfully talented twenty-something singer-songwriter from the rolling valleys of Wales.

I've been waiting for Miss Goulding to explode for months and now it won't be long until she's darting round the universe, ricocheting off every mediocre pop star, knocking them into next week (I'm praying it's Jedward she obliterates).

Ellie's simply delicious voice erupted into my atmosphere when I was at university, around ten months ago. A DJ friend of mine, dropped Jakwob's remix of 'Starry Eyed' in Lincoln's legendary club The CELL (now Scy). I was in love, both parties had contributed to an outstanding piece of harmonic dub. And amazingly when removing all the post edits I was thrilled to find that Ellie's voice was still pure class.

Last month Neon Gold posted Ellie's first official release, and oh my I haven't stopped listening to 'Under The Sheets', I think my iTunes is going to worry that it's stuck on repeat (no Little Boots pun intended). There's too many elements to this track that I adore. The lyrics for one are at post-grad level, no crayon scrawl here, no sir. This girl writes about things we can all relate to whether you're a boy, girl, if you're old or young. Her lyrics are comforting and sometimes brutally honest just like an old friend.

It's currently being played massive amounts by Greg James' (off of Radio 1), and it's being soaked up by many others including the wonderful Jools Holland. Jools gave Goulding her television debut, and has given her a sparkle of exposure before the single drops on 16th of this month. Ellie is signed to Polydor records and is currently touring with Little Boots, another succesful lady who went supersonic in only a few months of her debut.

This girl has a lot of admirers and is set to be big next year, she's bound to be remixed to high heaven, like another Ellie (La Roux) we know so well. And hell I am not complaining, remix away, but don't forget the original talent this girl has bubbling inside - do yourself a favour and buy the track!


Moda Owns Me, You and Your Mum Too.

If you haven't yet been owned by Moda yet, then why not?! I guess I can sort of forgive you for your lack of grey matter... maybe go shout at your parents for not passing on basic comprehensive skills, you know like reading. But forget? Now that's just stupid and stupid you will be if you aren't totally and utterly convinced that you too want to get it up the bum from Moda after you've read this.

For me Moda has felt like an extended family for the past three years at uni, every month I had a night I could go to and feel like I was finally chowing down on something more nutritious than beans on toast, and no I'm not chatting about happy pills. I'm talking about fresh music fed to me on a silver spoon by top class, even world renowned djs.

I'm lucky enough to know the two clever clogs behind Moda music, they're probably two of the most charming and down-to-earth djs I've ever met and no there was no exchange of money for me to say that (although they'd probably buy me a few drinks, 'cause they're bloody lovely like that). Earlier this week I caught up with them to have a long over due chat about the Moda wagon.

Annie Mac returns to Moda Lincoln @ The Engine Shed in two weeks (16th October) with pals Hervé, Rusko and Delphic (live) for her third appearance. Tickets available here!

So what makes Miss Mac return time and time again?

Andy: "Moda's at that point now where people really want to come and play. Annie's just up for the party. She's really enjoyed all the previous gigs and obviously we see her a lot [Radio One], so its just gonna be a bit of a laugh for everyone."

Avid fans will realise that the boys took Moda on vacation to the White Isle for a few months this summer, I wanted to know just what they'd been up to (n.b anyone that knows me will realise that I get quite protective and sentimental over Moda) whilst I was stuck in the UK looking at a majorly overdrawn bank account! Andy explains Ibiza business - "We've been doing parties at Wonderland for Pete Tong's night. They went really well the highlight being Fake Blood and His Majesty Andre." The pair were also out there representing Radio One where they played Priviledge and Ibiza Rocks, "...that was epic, a lot of the Radio One crew said it was the best one yet, so we were honoured to be involved" adds Jay.

Jaymo: "Secondly we've been getting the Moda Music label kicked off. Craig Duranti is managing the label and its going really well. Shed loads of radio play (and no, not just from us!) and magazine reviews. Both of the first two releases have gone top 5 in the Cool Cuts chart as well as being licensed around the world for various compilations."

If that's not tons on their vinyl plate, they've set up another destination for Moda. London Moda takes off tomorrow night in BIG way with R1 bud Alex Metric, it's about time they come down south a wee bit and share the wealth.

So guys, now you've given breath to Moda London does this mean you're phasing out its Northern counterpart (say it ain't so, *sniff)?

Andy: "Of course not. We've played in most UK venues and The Engine Shed is

one of the best, without a doubt. It's up there with Manchester's Warehouse Project. Especially once we've kitted out with all the extra sound and light."

Jaymo: "The other day we sent Andy off to try get a better quote on some of

the lighting we use, as its really quite expensive. He came back with an even higher quote than the one we had before but with loads of these really cool extra lights. And of course we couldn't resist cos it looked pimp!"

The boys don't see this as their business or income;

Jaymo - "Athough we're professional Moda is like a big toy for us, if there's anything we can do to push it up a gear we'll do it".

The pair are excited for tomorrow nights gig in London, "we have some huge line-ups planned". Be sure to make a stop off to see Jack Beats, Alex Metric and Tom Starr @ The Macbeth, N1.

I wanted to know if the boys are feeling a bit proud of themselves for booking Little Boots just before she exploded, LB played her second ever gig for Moda in Lincoln.

You've got Delphic playing in October, do you feel they'll have a similar explosion onto the scene?

Jaymo: "NME recently stated they Delphic are the band most likely to explode in the next 12 months, so its a chance for people to see them pre-explosion, if you will. People still say to me "I can't believe Little Boots played at Moda last year". She was relatively unknown then but we know she was about to go into orbit, so it just makes the whole event a bit more special."

Andy: "the thing we try to do with Moda (both the events
and the label) is catch people we think are gonna blow, I think people really trust Moda to do things like that these days".

The trust is obvious from the army of fans that have amassed over the past three years, Moda followers are crazy, up for a laugh and completely dedicated to the Moda cause.

The Moda army @ The Engine Shed 08

So guys what artists are big in your lives right now?

Jaymo: "The XX is getting a lot of love in my car stereo, as is the Neon Indian album. Dance floor wise I'm really liking Solo, Mowgli and Riva Starr. Grum and Alex Metric are really on fire, Alex's new stuff is by far his best yet"

Andy: "Fenech Soler are obviously sounding good too right now, great song writers. Can't wait for the album, big Miike Snow fan too - check mine and Jay's remix!"

All that's left to say is thank you to the boys for answering my (probably quite tedious) questions and good luck to the Moda family for the future, I don't want to see any divorce or trial separation - think of the kids!

See you boys in October!


Forget Aleksandr Orlov this is 'simples'.

Has anyone else been wondering what's happened to the simple things in life? Like getting a 99 ice cream cone for actually 99p, ringing someone rather than tweeting them or going out to your favourite bar to dance and not have to feel like you're a dog guarding it's teritory. Okay so I can't imagine weeing on a dancefloor either but I can and will admit that I do on the grassy dancefloor of festivals (n.b. I don't pee where everyone is dancing, that's gross and once my friend had a soggy and steaming leg after a guy did it to her) - sorry Ali.

So I know that festival season is nearly officially over, Reading and Leeds mark the end pretty much... however there is one simple and straightforward fest on it's way next weekend which I am pretty hyped about! It's called Offset Festival and it's a wee baby at only one year and 359 days old. It had the NME saying that it had "the best line-up of the summer" last year, what a great christening pressie! The reason I say it's simple is because of it's simply amazing line-up of just pure class bringing old and new together not to mention it's simple ethos of saying no to over-priced festivals.

Set in the beautiful surrounding of Hainault Forest Country Park, just 30 minutes from Central London it's definitely picture perfect. Previous bands have included the Maccabees, Young Knives and Johnny Foreigner. This years line-up is nothing to sniff at either, personal highlights on the list include Metronomy, The XX, The Horrors, The Slits, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Ghost of a Thousand it really is going to make other festivals this year look totally inadequate.

The 200 bands will play over two days (5th-6th September) on 8 stages, tickets are still available and on sale here. £55 for a ticket. SIMPLES.


Always look on the Wob side of life...

If you haven't heard his immense remix of Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed' then where the heck have you been?? Most likely you've been stranded on a desert island for a matter of months with nothing but a basketball named Wilson for company. If that isn't the case then shame on you!

I saw one of Jakwob (James Jacob)'s first headline slots back in his hometown of Lincoln in April, he hails from the land of Moda and BBC R1 In New DJ's We Trust Jaymo and Andy George.... not a bad look in the slightest. Infact he played Moda, supporting Shinichi Osawa a few weeks after I was first introduced to his slick 'Starry Eyed' rework. He was probably shocked at myself and my mate Aisha going crazy for Starry Eyed, reciting every word and pretty much dancing like maniacs. When he plays he is accompanied by his MC mate who definitely adds something unique to the show.

At only the beginning of his twenties he's already played on the Relentless Stage at Wakestock (or should that be Wobstock??) and by looking at his up-coming events he's set to hit stateside very soon! He's being backed by the likes of Huw Stephen's and The Street's Mike Skinner - can't be bad ay! He really is a sound guy and happy to chat to anyone at his gigs, not like so many arrogant dj's that precede him and he's pretty attractive too. I like how he keeps the original track intact but offers a new look, easy to listen to especially if you're new to the dub way of life.

(Moda May '09 Lincoln)

Mr Huw Stephens is hosting a night for Jakwob at The Social (Little Portland St, W1, London) tonight! Head down at 9pm to support dubstep's next big thing! I'll see you all there, yes? You never know Mr Skinner himself might show his face.


Muchos love for Muchuu.

As a addict of cute, kitsch music I was in my element when I came across the twee sounds of Muchuu. The band comprises of a couple of pretty youngster with comparatively pretty names; Milky and George (not to be confused with Zippy and George)!

You'd like them if you are a fan Lykke Li, Metric & Those Dancing Days.

A particular track that stands out for me is 'Somebody Tell Me' where the beauty of Milky's vocal is met with some lovely fiddly notes which altogether make up for a soothing track with an air of mystery (think Pink Panther meets the Magic Roundabout plus a little Kumbiar moment). I love it.

With just over 500 friends on Myspace they are still just taking off so I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the Muchuu love.

The twosome are currently busy recording their first release and have explained that gigs will be more like parties with cupcakes in castles and cathedrals. TASTY!!

You can check them out in session with Huw Stephens on Radio1 - listen again online here.


New clothing company from Eio.

Described as the rebellious wild child on their website, this uber cool brand is the new sister company of Eio Clothing (eioclothing.com).

"Rakes and Strays represents a sympathy with the past; of tailored garments, distressed materials and hand-drawn and painted works of art."

Picture a smooth maverick walking down a dusty track with a gui
tar thrown over his shoulder with a damsel in his view. A gem of sweat slowly trickles down his glistening sculpted chest... okay maybe I'm enjoying that image a little too much.

But seriously there's something for all, whether you're a fan of simple concise designs or fierce logos it's time to get rebellious and get some R&S in your wardrobe.

Want some original and unique designs in your grubby mitts? Get involved with their latest competition and you could be the proud owner of £100 worth of the new Rakes & Strays collection.

After having a look at the collection on the website I want to get my crayons out and get a doodlin'!

Favourite guy's tee - Watercolour Girl £29.95 // Favourite girl's tee - Dandelions £29.95


buses are far too easy to compare to men...

...and I don't even like public transport.

Where to begin, last night saw two confession of L. Nearly the L word anyway. And not on my part (for once), ha that makes me sound like a right needy fool, alas I am far from it.

So, the men. One is my ex who I have mentioned in a previous blog, a bit too emotionally advanced so to speak... I think I used the word 'psycho' before, he's not but definitely over-emotional. And the other is a friend who I've known for ages, I use to really like him but he never showed any interest so I left for uni and moved on with my life. Now that I have no feelings for him he confesses that I am "the most beautiful girl in the world" and "have the pick of all the guys". Both statements I obviously disagree with. Maybe those statements are more fitting to Scarlet Johanson or someone comparably as attractive.

It's definitely flattering to say the least but hard, part of me thinks, give it a go with the one who drowns you in compliments but surely I'd be misleading him? It would be like drowning a kitten - completely and utterly devastating for him. He's sweet and caring and offers to take me to the zoo and give me an allowence for buying vintage clothes but there's just not that spark. Well I say spark with complete innocence and naivity, I've never been in love - maybe that spark it just something in novels and films? The spark between Bella and Edward in Twilight is pretty remarkable, they know that they are supposed to be together, how can you know after only just meeting someone. It's mad.

I know that a 'real life' Edward Cullen won't be waiting for me in a cafe or on a national express, I'm not deluded.

My friends tell me not to just settle for someone because I can, which is true and makes sense but I don't know what I'm missing out on do I?

I think I'm going to delve into New Moon and read more about my favourite couple. Until next time....

Vickee xo


I had a revelation last night whilst soberly trying to stay awake at Mikaela's 21st birthday, and it goes a little something like this...

I fear that I intimidate guys. Sounds silly I know, but I've noticed for the major part of my adult years that guys will look at me, watch me dance but never really approach me. I've always felt that I am an extremely approachable kind of girl, I never have a bad word to say about anyone and I have time for anyone (within reason). Maybe it's partly to do with me, maybe in my subconscious I don't want to be approached - maybe I give off 'leave me alone' signals. But I want someone to take the plunge and try, it's almost like no one makes the effort anymore. Or is it because I act quite reserved sometimes, I don't put myself (well my breasts) out there enough. Hmm, I'm not too sure. I think I'll continue to blame my height, it's the easiest thing to blame. Especially when you're 5"10 and you enjoy wearing heels that make you up to about 6". Yes I'll blame my height.

Oh I had my twenty first birthday party by the way! It went really well, after a lot of slight disasters. But in the end it was perfect. I'm feeling slightly different now I am older, more appreciative of things, more ambitious than before and set on making something special for myself after I finish uni. I'll leave you with that note of positivity :)

Vickee xo


Thought I deserved a break...

... from my nasty dissertation.

Time for an update I believe. Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes... Valentines day! Just to sum it up - Laura told her boyfriend that she loves him, well rather the glowsticks in the garden did (which are still there). And yes of course he said it back, we all knew he would. Well he didn't say it back he brought her a lovely dress and stuck it in a box with a big bow and wrote a little 'I love you' note in top. Bless. So she's been pretty cheery.

Ollie had a great time getting sweaty in the mosh pit with strange boys, whilst drunkenly sending texts to his ex-boyfriend proclaiming his love. They are now back together. He also took a picture of a puddle of vomit and sent it to Laura, using it to describe her romance with Ben... she got an appology the next day.

I did what I said and stayed in, didn't watch the film though... just crashed out. Whilst receiving texts from my psycho of an ex... he just won't get the message that I don't want to be anything, not friends, not anything. It gets really frustrating sometimes, and I hate to ignore him and pretend that he doesn't exist because it must hurt a lot but I really don't have any other option. It's been a good week since I last heard from him, one can only hope he has the message loud and clear but I will keep you updated if things change.

Quite a lot has happend since I last posted. Birthday planning is full steam ahead (T minus 16 days). I have received my package of lovely confectionary which I will be putting around the venue. I've got my wristbands too, which I will be decorating in the next few days. Speakers are slowly getting sorted. I still think £150 is too steep but hey ho... I want everyone to hear the tunes!

Went to the Moda relaunch last Friday. Moda is always a success and Friday was wild. I met one of my favourite DJ's and we danced and had a cheeky smooch. I remember drunkly telling him "Your song is my ringtone" or something to that effect. Gosh. I then danced for absolutely hours whilst Futurecop! played their live set. Catching the eye of another certain Dj and enjoying the rest of the night with him. All in all an unforgetable night. Thanks Moda.

Head to their website if you fancy checking out what Moda is all about www.thisismoda.com Next up is Calvin Harris (dj set) and Autokratz at the Engine Shed, Lincoln on the 6th March. Not to be missed!

My dissertation is still on-going. Nearly completed my Literature review, may need to change the name of my blogspot soon!

I'm looking forward to Saturday, I'm heading home to Milton Keynes for the night. My friend Jackson turned twenty one yesterday so we are celebrating fancy dress styleee! I've opted to go as Barbie. It's something that I feel very passionate about, I've always wanted to dress like a complete pink, frilly, long-haired, high-heeled bimbo and now I can and get away with it. My plan was to make a giant hairbrush but I haven't had the time unfortunately. I spent last night chopping into my blonde wig, which is looking very Mean Girls esque. I may post up a photo when I am fully transformed, I hope to shock and terrify.

So yes, this is me for another week. Best get back to reading tons of journals and books.

Vickee xo


v-day is fast approaching...

I'm not so sure why I am even blogging this, I've never had a Valentine and I quite like it that way!

If you love someone, tell them everyday... morning and night/ugly and pretty/up and down, all year round. I think if someone made a big romantic gesture to me I'd get really embarrassed and want to give it back, not in an ungrateful way but in a 'why me? Are you sure?' kind of way.

I'm the only singleton in my house this Valentines. Laura has her lovely boyfriend from Guilford visiting... she's going to say the 'L' word for the first time, so high drama in our house just now. It's quite lovely really, she's going to spell out 'I Love You' in tea lights in the back garden. Lincoln; notorious for its gusty spells may put a small spanner in the works so Laura being Laura has a plan B.... glow sticks! Perfect for any romantic occasion not just the odd rave. She's made a picnic for her bedroom floor too, little heart shaped cakes that look so tasty. It all kicks off in a few hours when her boyfriend rolls up. Fingers crossed for her. But it's so obvious that he is crazy about her. We call it 'mush time' because they're all mushy together like peas.

Ollie is in Derby for the night, his way of coping with V-day is getting into a massive mosh with hundreds of sweaty boys.... right up his street.

I am thankfully going out, couples make me itch. Not in a nasty way but in a very slightly aggravated way. I'd much rather gather my (single) girls and shake my tail feathers. Trying a new night tonight; Motown, Soul and Funk at the Library bar (the place I'm holding my 21st) I've been there lots recently, lets hope I don't get sick of the sight of the place before my big day. Getting funky with a glass of wine is very much up my street. May watch 'Paris, Je t'aime' tomorrow after the vintage fair, but this could be a recipe for disaster. Kleenex at the ready? Don't worry, I'm not that soppy.

Oh and I am a fully-fledged member of Twitter now. I'm now over my four year Myspace addiction (this ended months ago), and I am wondering how long my relationship with dear old Facebook will last. I feel that Twitter is far more my age. I am going to use it to aid my future career and with any luck get my PR and Advertising self out there.

With love this Valentines.

Vickee xo


He's just not that into you...

...but you will continue to pursue him nevertheless!

I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, hopeless being the operative word. After reading "He's just not that into you" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo I was still left a little dazed and confused. Constructed like a self help book to dating it claims to stop women from wasting their time on men who just aren't interested in them (you may have seen the screen version advertised with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck in).

It took me a week to read the book from cover to cover, probably a personal best as I am an extremely slow reader, always needing to absorb and digest every single word. Being forever a single gal, getting no where with dating I found the book uplifting and helpful in some respects. It made me realise that a close friend who I had liked for over a year, would remain as just that.... a very good friend. This didn't make me sad or regretful. It made me feel positive about the future of my dating life. Soon after finishing the book I began seeing someone else, I convinced myself that it was the book's doing. We dated for a little bit and I realised that I had those 'feelings' for this guy, he wasn't doing any of the negative things that the book described and I was feeling really positive. It was probably the best Christmas to date, just thinking that there was someone that found me funny, attractive and interesting (obviously I knew all of these things about myself already but it means more when it's from someone that you care about). Anyway it got to that point of the holidays where I was needed back up North and Milton Keynes had had its wicked way with me for another fully charged Christmas.

I've made the mistake many many times before of not asking where I stand with guys and being forever in limbo. So... I got very drunk (not the best tactic girls) and asked him... then got emotional when being told that now was not the right time for a relationship for him. At the time I felt that overwhelming sense of rejection and loss, I don't think the alcohol helped matters. Obviously I had time to think and I realised that he was right, for I am at university and he is busy with work and other grown up and responsible things.

So If the book is right in what it preaches then he's just not that into me?! Based on the reason that he doesn't want to jump on board the relationship train, right here, right now. Is there a clear right and wrong here? Or is there allowances for a grey area?

In our modern society women often ask men on dates (can't say I have but some of my girlfriends have) and take the lead. Although when I asked some of my male friends they didn't like the idea of being controlled, but some guys like being in the backseat.... ahem* so to speak. Should Behrendt's book be written off as another self help guide of mumbo jumbo? Or the fact that it has been made into this film does this make it the bible for women who are dating? I thought I was decided but now I am not so sure. Why are there rules to follow? It almost makes me angry watching my friends 'play' people to see how far they can push them... save your games for the pitch please. I always told myself that I would not become a fool for anyone, I have always been an extremely independent and strong-willed (sometimes) lady. I am in no way saying that relationships are for the weak, just don't let someone morph you into their twin, or their second brain. You have an opinion, a voice and a reason for being on this earth too and that's not just to fulfill your partner's needs.

I think I'll re-read the book tonight and ponder this some more, after I have done yet more uni work of course...

Vickee xo


Speaker speaker on the dancefloor...

So, I have just over a month now to get my twenty first planned and preened and looking coherent. Everyone's so excited, I don't want to let anyone down. I have had a reoccurring dream whereby I am extremely drunk, abusive and unable to make a speech. Very scary. I am hoping for once that dreams don't come true.

Truthfully it's all a bit too much...

The Checklist -

- Venue (tick) Cute little place, not tiny but a good size for the ninety plus guests and it's free to hire.
- The DJ (tickish) A friend is going to be playing a lovely mix of electro/house/drum'n'bass/dubstep.
- Sound System & Decks (Tickish) Bassi has his own decks so that's sorted. I'm not totally sure about the speakers just yet. Eeek.
- Wristbands (tick) Soon to be on order
- Old skool confectionery (tick) Soon to be on order again.
- The cake (tick) A couple of my lovely girls are making me lots of pretty cupcakes.
- Dress & killer heels (no tick) This is obviously the most important part, so an on going process.
- Guests (tick) Invites were sent out a while ago via Facebook.
- Decorations (no tick) This could take some time.

Wow, lots to do. If only I could write so much on my literature review....

I will continue to bore you with my ongoing plans and updated checklist, no need to worry about that.

Vickee xo