On the rise: Clare Maguire

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Trying to find information on a lady who seems to be eagerly anticipated yet very much under-wraps is extremely hard.

A single eery track of just over 60 seconds in length greets you when you enter Clare Maguire into your address bar. The chilling Are You Ready? is clearly going to be the calm before the storm for this Brummy lass, before she is catapulted forward like her Universal Records counterpart Miss Winehouse. Are You Ready? is pumping up the anticipation meter and clearly asking the British, siren loving public to brace themselves for another great success story. This mysterious misses, doesn't even have any official photos, a mere ten or so live shots weave through Google Images. Maybe she wants her audience to appreciate the powerful presence of her music, or maybe it's cleverly enticing a host of blogger types to increase the aforementioned anticipation meter.

If you're as enticed as I was, a free download can be found, available through her website and I can only hope it's released officially. Strangest Thing is hauntingly deep, yet softly peaceful, like Bat For Lashes colliding with Annie Lennox, spiraling into Norah Jones giving the hair on the back of your neck a tingly treat. Her song matter seems far wiser beyond her years, at only 21 I hope she isn't over-sold and exhausted before having the chance to really enjoy the journey that she definitely deserves.

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