Speaker speaker on the dancefloor...

So, I have just over a month now to get my twenty first planned and preened and looking coherent. Everyone's so excited, I don't want to let anyone down. I have had a reoccurring dream whereby I am extremely drunk, abusive and unable to make a speech. Very scary. I am hoping for once that dreams don't come true.

Truthfully it's all a bit too much...

The Checklist -

- Venue (tick) Cute little place, not tiny but a good size for the ninety plus guests and it's free to hire.
- The DJ (tickish) A friend is going to be playing a lovely mix of electro/house/drum'n'bass/dubstep.
- Sound System & Decks (Tickish) Bassi has his own decks so that's sorted. I'm not totally sure about the speakers just yet. Eeek.
- Wristbands (tick) Soon to be on order
- Old skool confectionery (tick) Soon to be on order again.
- The cake (tick) A couple of my lovely girls are making me lots of pretty cupcakes.
- Dress & killer heels (no tick) This is obviously the most important part, so an on going process.
- Guests (tick) Invites were sent out a while ago via Facebook.
- Decorations (no tick) This could take some time.

Wow, lots to do. If only I could write so much on my literature review....

I will continue to bore you with my ongoing plans and updated checklist, no need to worry about that.

Vickee xo

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