Ellie Goulding & Tinie Tempah Review for MTV (Feb 2010)

I've been meaning to add this to AV for some weeks now, but haven't had the chance. I got the chance to see Miss Goulding and Tinie Tempah in a very packed Dingwalls, Camden back in February. The lovely people at MTV put up my review for all to see. If you haven't then it's below for ya'll.

Dingwalls in Camden was the backdrop for Thursday night's 10 For 10 gig courtesy of MTV, the aim was to fuse together the best new UK talent for 2010. What a beautiful blend they were; London's trooper Tinie Tempah and Herefordshire's golden girl of the moment Ellie Goulding.

Tinie Tempah brought together every type of music I lust after and wrapped it in a bow of exuberance. I've never before seen rock, electro, dub, hip hop, grime and soulful vocals fused together so effortlessly. His slight air of cockyness was just and his honesty profound, in one breath claiming “it's hard to make electro sound good live” and in the next praising himself entirely. Prominent track 'Pass Out' is a complete credit to his obvious hard work and determination, his performance was fresh and gutsy, with definite similarities to Dizzee and Whiley. He made a lot of fans on Thursday night, many of them, like me never thought they'd be so in tune with his swagger and pure stage presence. He broke down that invisible screen that so many artists place at the front of the stage, inviting his audience to get well and truly involved.

As for Ellie, where do I start? She encapsulated the whole audience, I was completely mesmerised by her stunning array of melodies. On the brief chance that I had to break my gaze and look around I could see that everyone was being sprinkled with Gouldust, feeling rich and inspired by this soft yet strong young lady. There's always a part of me that gets nervous when I see an artist live for the first time, will they live up to the hype? Will they hold those mind blowing notes? In essence will the song still give you that same special feeling it did when it first entered your life? Ellie proved her worth one hundred times over. Starting with her less known collection of tunes she held her own, her confidence was mature and Ellie's simple yet cleverly strung together words are wise beyond her years. She stated at one point, whilst cradling her guitar that she didn't know what she was doing with it but she knew how to play it. Almost like a friend you've become so comfortable with, you can't remember where you met but you know it's a perfect relationship and it will last for eternity. Ellie who is a champion of the cover song shared her beautiful and almost unrecognisable version of Midlake's 'Roscoe' with the gracious audience. Ellie's first official release 'Under The Sheets' couldn't come quick enough, the crowd lapping it up and beaming like one music savvy Cheshire cat. A personal favourite of mine, 'Starry Eyed' completed her astonishing set leaving the crowd yearning for more and fixed in place, surely the night wasn't over?

Both acts came across humble and truly blessed by the few hundred that had endured the rain to show their support for MTV's triumphant 10 For 10 gig at the ever so atmospheric Dingwalls. In my view, a complete collaborative success.

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