Feeling Fenech for 2010

Four pretty boys in skinnies? Check. With an outlandish name? Check. Catchy riffs? Check. Terribly addictive lyrics? Check. And just today tipped by iTunes as their artist to watch in 2010? Double ch-check. It must be my new favourite band Fenech-Soler that are getting indie kids everywhere hot under their Fred Perry collars by marking every box.

Who? You may ask. What an unusual name you may think. Correct, an unusual name - they've already checked that box remember. But it was thought through and not just an off-the-cuff 'let's name ourselves after a day of the week' decision, their bass player has the surname Soler and it's based around a Maltese patriot who was alive and kicking in the 1700's. If you don't want to look like an idiot in HMV when you purchase new EP 'Lies' I'll sound it out for you "phen-ick so-laar". Now we've got that sorted I'll tell you a bit more about their sound and why I think they're ever so delightful.

Recently signed to Andy and Jaymo (off of Radio 1)'s Moda Music label, their first single to get major airplay is called 'Lies' and no that wasn't just by our dj duo. They also featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire as part of their new music show. The band appeal to all ages and have great club appeal, highlighted by remixes of 'Lies' from Alex Metric and Tom Staar. I asked the guys how it feels to hear their song on the radio and whether they have a good old knees up when hearing their tune in a club - "it's very gratifying to hear our song on the radio... that (Alex Metric's) remix certainly did get us dancing although we kept it to the studio! Alex is a very talented musician. So are these four lads, and they sure can put on a show. They explain; "We perform our songs rather than just play them... electronic music can be difficult to get right live but it's all about energy and passion on stage for us." This was clear to see when the band took to the world's smallest stage in the world's most crammed room for Huw Stephen's 'Introducing' night at The Social in London. "The Social was really good fun! Sometimes shows like that are even better as you can create and control an atmosphere very quickly." I was singing along to songs I'd heard for the very first time, how is that even possible? Granted I probably looked like a four year old trying to recite the Alphabet at the time but I enjoyed the process! And I enjoyed their exciting array of garments, like a magpie looking at something shiny - or just me looking at something shiny? I asked how they create and hone their style; "We really like Fred Butler. We wore some of her pieces for a few shoots we did in the summer. We just pick up stuff as we go along. The 'Lies' outfits were found in a second hand store in Paris." Long-live the Charity shop!

'Lies' is one of the most catchiest tunes I've heard this year, and that's saying something considering that we're on the edge on a new decade. I strongly believe that Fenech have a place in the future of the Electro/Indie scene so watch this space and download their 'Lies' EP.

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