Hallelujah for Saint Saviour

With a musical CV comparable in length to the Old Testament, it would be a sin to think that Saint Saviour is making her mark anywhere but in the present.

The lady behind SS, Becky Jones was formally linked to (now laid to rest) electro outfit the RGBs and most recently held harmonies with Groove Armada (post 'Shaking That Ass). Lending her pitch perfect presence to such creditable tracks as 'Paper Romance'.

She has now decided to brave the rafters alone and rise again as Saint Saviour, bringing together soulful southern sounding electronica and blissful blues to create an empowering and wholly captivating sound otherwise described as "Phenomenal" by BBC Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman.

I stumbled across SS last year as a huge Joy Division fan, she covered the brilliant but ridiculously overplayed 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. And did she cover it alright, she wrapped it in a warm blanket, handed it a marshmallow and sat it next to a camp fire, completely melting my heart when I heard her rendition. I was joyed to discover that her portfolio was vast and original, whilst still paying homage to the powerful woman who have preceded her, such as Kate Bush and Tori Amos.

'Woman Scorned' is her uplifting official release, it's out now in the UK on Euphonios and available on iTunes. If you've ever been snubbed, or discouraged you can take something from the velvety yet venomous lyrics. Ladies everywhere, it's time to rip off your bra and throw it to the flames. Maybe not, but instead watch this beautiful video for Woman Scorned.

Saint Saviour is performing a handful of intimate gigs around the UK and no doubt will be a festival favourite in 2011, I urge you to witness her rising for yourselves.

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