Passing Clouds with The Worm

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to shimmy on down to Passing Clouds, in an icy Dalston, London to watch spectacularly sunny band, The Worm. The event was in celebration of the band's latest album release 'Fine Girls', out now on Wormfood Records.

As soon as I entered the Marrakeshi-style venue my chills had wriggled right out and the West African vibes had me all in a toasty tingle. The four-piece have a unique sound to say the least, the instruments were a mix between big band blowers, classical strings, ethnic drums and something you'd find in your Great Uncle Bill's shed under a hundred layers of dust - all being laced together with some big tasty beats. The set-up was special and inspired, but then the vocals began, and this early bird was really having a juicy brekkie dangled in front of her face. It was a delight to see a band with not just one strong vocal, but three. Niccie Simpson brought smooth soulful delight to the picnic whilst Max and Andre brought clever solid vocal covered in lashings of rap reminding us that this genre is hard to recreate, especially live!

The carnival atmosphere I had found myself in with hundreds of happy, like minded folk, gave us all a taste of some fresh tracks including title track 'All You Fine Girls'. I dare you not to dance, it's impossible. The Worm know all too well about not wanting the party to end, and threw in previous release and favourite 'Don't Stop' to a rapture of applause. In between came some sumptuous and bouncy tunes, including an almost unrecognisable Blackstreet cover.

A true festival band, they are laid back and living for the moment. With previous appearances at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Bestival and Saturday's more than successful album launch, I can only hope they keep pushing up at the earth and get the sediment shaking some more next year.

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