Rocking The Casbah in 2010

As I have been asked by Double Dance to put together my personal top picks from 2010, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share them on here. After all, I am right as it's totally my opinion - you're probably right about your top artists/albums too. But for now, here are my stars of 2010....

Arcade Fire, Suburbs. This band always do it for me, I've been a devoted fan since Funeral was released in 2004. I think Suburbs shows how they've evolved and really found a popular sound (well definitely in the UK anyway). Seeing this album live in December was perfect, they manage to turn a huge venues into intimate experiences. Everyone can relate to this album, it's about where you grew up, the fields and parks you'd play in and reminiscing about the feelings that are so hard to recreate as you you grow up and move away.

Foals, Total Life Forever. Another band that has really developed and honed their sound. This UK band used to be a 'singles band', I say that as they would have a couple of notable tracks that would be played to death in indie clubs around the country but Total Life Forever shows more of a story, a compelling journey - of which no tracks are skip worthy. Spanish Sahara took UK radio by storm this year, which is interesting to hear as it's such a moody, atmospheric track.

Tinie Tempah, Disc-overy. I think if you asked any British citizen who's name they've heard constantly throughout the last 12 months it would be this guy! Tinie is a hard grafter, he knows what it is to put in 100% and I highly doubt he has a day off - he was plugging his next single Invincible ft. Kelly Rowland via twitter on Christmas day! He's going to break America next year, I think if he doesn't then the American public are genuinely missing something.

Ellie Goulding, Bright Lights. She started 2010 by being named the 'Sound of 2010' by the BBC. An accolade that gives the singer-songwriter a sure fire glittery road to success not to mention endless bragging rights.

Not that she would, Ellie is so humble and would rather go for a run round Hyde Park then stand on a red carpet. Lights was re-released towards the back-end of 2010 as Bright Lights with some additional tracks, personal favourite 'Lights' just encompasses her feelings about stardom and escaping back home, where she feels content and at one with the world.

Tame Impala, Innerspeaker. This Psychedelic foursome from Perth, Australia have proven popular with the British public. Possibly because of their familiar 60's vibe that the UK pop scene delivered so well. Key single 'Solitiude is Bliss' is just romantic and dreamy in its delivery. The band is over in the UK next year supporting the Foo Fighters, and I can only imagine that they've been booked up for festival after festival - perfect summer band and driving through the country ammunition.

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  1. great post. suburbs is a beautiful album. Arcade Fire are amazing live - saw them in Paris.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door