Doe Paoro - Slow to Love

This piece was originally written for Eclectically Challenged

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and if like me you chose to ignore the day and listen to My Bloody Valentine on repeat good on you! What you may want to consider instead is purchasing Doe Paoro‘s debut album Slow To Love, which is released on the same day. I like the record company’s thinking there.

You may presume that being released on Valentine’s Day means it’s a collection of love songs, well there is a romantic notion to them but with a bit of grit and truth bolstering up the track listing. Her fascinating vocal is inspired by her study of Lhamo. Lhamo is Tibetan Opera. It may sound like an odd or unusual concept but it makes her music totally mesmerizing. Her oddness can be seen in the video for standout track Born Whole, not odd in a Gaga way but odd in a Kate Bush way, slightly eccentric. Blindfolded she weaves her way through the wilderness following the guide of a rope. But what this slow paced, relatively static video does is focus your attention on the content of the song.

Her voice has several qualities comparable to that of PJ Harvey, the Tibetan vibe gives her height to vocal reach which comes across as slightly creepy. While her American accent could easily break into an M.I.A style ghetto tone but instead she reigns it in to intensify the ‘ghost soul’ genre she is devoted to.

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