Introducing Jodie Marie

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You’ll all be familiar with the expression ‘right time, right place’ well Jodie Marie is the proof in the pudding. If the pudding was a saying and the saying was the one I’ve just mentioned.

Anyway, on with the story. Jodie is from Narbeth in Pembrokeshire and being from such a small place all the locals knew of the sixteen year old with the gorgeous, caramel smooth voice. Most likely if she’d decided to up sticks and head onto the nation’s favourite singing contest (a la Janet Devlin) the whole of Narbeth would have rallied round, hosted bake sales at the local church. Luckily for Jodie she didn’t need to enter a competition. Instead the father of a record label owner, was in town staying in a local B&B. That record label turned out to be Transgressive, an Indie label with signings from bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and Foals.

When the B&B owner overheard that the chap was connected to the music industry she mentioned that she had a plumber in and the plumber’s daughter had a lovely voice. Well I guess you know the rest of the story and the yellow brick road that started to unfurl before Jodie Marie’s eyes and here we are with a growing discography.

I Got You is her latest release and although it may conjure up images of Sonny and Cher fear not, the only cover this lady saw fit to triumph was Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. I Got You is beautifully soulful and her vocal sounds like that of a mature 30 something rather than a twenty year old. There are elements of soul, jazz, pop and indie in her offering which emphasises the strong influences her generation have grown up on. It’s content is simple and it’s a modern day love song, similar to something Adele would have written in her early days. Easy to relate to and even easier to sing. Just totally blissful.

I Got You is available to download from iTunes now.

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