buses are far too easy to compare to men...

...and I don't even like public transport.

Where to begin, last night saw two confession of L. Nearly the L word anyway. And not on my part (for once), ha that makes me sound like a right needy fool, alas I am far from it.

So, the men. One is my ex who I have mentioned in a previous blog, a bit too emotionally advanced so to speak... I think I used the word 'psycho' before, he's not but definitely over-emotional. And the other is a friend who I've known for ages, I use to really like him but he never showed any interest so I left for uni and moved on with my life. Now that I have no feelings for him he confesses that I am "the most beautiful girl in the world" and "have the pick of all the guys". Both statements I obviously disagree with. Maybe those statements are more fitting to Scarlet Johanson or someone comparably as attractive.

It's definitely flattering to say the least but hard, part of me thinks, give it a go with the one who drowns you in compliments but surely I'd be misleading him? It would be like drowning a kitten - completely and utterly devastating for him. He's sweet and caring and offers to take me to the zoo and give me an allowence for buying vintage clothes but there's just not that spark. Well I say spark with complete innocence and naivity, I've never been in love - maybe that spark it just something in novels and films? The spark between Bella and Edward in Twilight is pretty remarkable, they know that they are supposed to be together, how can you know after only just meeting someone. It's mad.

I know that a 'real life' Edward Cullen won't be waiting for me in a cafe or on a national express, I'm not deluded.

My friends tell me not to just settle for someone because I can, which is true and makes sense but I don't know what I'm missing out on do I?

I think I'm going to delve into New Moon and read more about my favourite couple. Until next time....

Vickee xo

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