New clothing company from Eio.

Described as the rebellious wild child on their website, this uber cool brand is the new sister company of Eio Clothing (eioclothing.com).

"Rakes and Strays represents a sympathy with the past; of tailored garments, distressed materials and hand-drawn and painted works of art."

Picture a smooth maverick walking down a dusty track with a gui
tar thrown over his shoulder with a damsel in his view. A gem of sweat slowly trickles down his glistening sculpted chest... okay maybe I'm enjoying that image a little too much.

But seriously there's something for all, whether you're a fan of simple concise designs or fierce logos it's time to get rebellious and get some R&S in your wardrobe.

Want some original and unique designs in your grubby mitts? Get involved with their latest competition and you could be the proud owner of £100 worth of the new Rakes & Strays collection.

After having a look at the collection on the website I want to get my crayons out and get a doodlin'!

Favourite guy's tee - Watercolour Girl £29.95 // Favourite girl's tee - Dandelions £29.95

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