Muchos love for Muchuu.

As a addict of cute, kitsch music I was in my element when I came across the twee sounds of Muchuu. The band comprises of a couple of pretty youngster with comparatively pretty names; Milky and George (not to be confused with Zippy and George)!

You'd like them if you are a fan Lykke Li, Metric & Those Dancing Days.

A particular track that stands out for me is 'Somebody Tell Me' where the beauty of Milky's vocal is met with some lovely fiddly notes which altogether make up for a soothing track with an air of mystery (think Pink Panther meets the Magic Roundabout plus a little Kumbiar moment). I love it.

With just over 500 friends on Myspace they are still just taking off so I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the Muchuu love.

The twosome are currently busy recording their first release and have explained that gigs will be more like parties with cupcakes in castles and cathedrals. TASTY!!

You can check them out in session with Huw Stephens on Radio1 - listen again online here.

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