Forget Aleksandr Orlov this is 'simples'.

Has anyone else been wondering what's happened to the simple things in life? Like getting a 99 ice cream cone for actually 99p, ringing someone rather than tweeting them or going out to your favourite bar to dance and not have to feel like you're a dog guarding it's teritory. Okay so I can't imagine weeing on a dancefloor either but I can and will admit that I do on the grassy dancefloor of festivals (n.b. I don't pee where everyone is dancing, that's gross and once my friend had a soggy and steaming leg after a guy did it to her) - sorry Ali.

So I know that festival season is nearly officially over, Reading and Leeds mark the end pretty much... however there is one simple and straightforward fest on it's way next weekend which I am pretty hyped about! It's called Offset Festival and it's a wee baby at only one year and 359 days old. It had the NME saying that it had "the best line-up of the summer" last year, what a great christening pressie! The reason I say it's simple is because of it's simply amazing line-up of just pure class bringing old and new together not to mention it's simple ethos of saying no to over-priced festivals.

Set in the beautiful surrounding of Hainault Forest Country Park, just 30 minutes from Central London it's definitely picture perfect. Previous bands have included the Maccabees, Young Knives and Johnny Foreigner. This years line-up is nothing to sniff at either, personal highlights on the list include Metronomy, The XX, The Horrors, The Slits, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Ghost of a Thousand it really is going to make other festivals this year look totally inadequate.

The 200 bands will play over two days (5th-6th September) on 8 stages, tickets are still available and on sale here. £55 for a ticket. SIMPLES.

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