Moda Owns Me, You and Your Mum Too.

If you haven't yet been owned by Moda yet, then why not?! I guess I can sort of forgive you for your lack of grey matter... maybe go shout at your parents for not passing on basic comprehensive skills, you know like reading. But forget? Now that's just stupid and stupid you will be if you aren't totally and utterly convinced that you too want to get it up the bum from Moda after you've read this.

For me Moda has felt like an extended family for the past three years at uni, every month I had a night I could go to and feel like I was finally chowing down on something more nutritious than beans on toast, and no I'm not chatting about happy pills. I'm talking about fresh music fed to me on a silver spoon by top class, even world renowned djs.

I'm lucky enough to know the two clever clogs behind Moda music, they're probably two of the most charming and down-to-earth djs I've ever met and no there was no exchange of money for me to say that (although they'd probably buy me a few drinks, 'cause they're bloody lovely like that). Earlier this week I caught up with them to have a long over due chat about the Moda wagon.

Annie Mac returns to Moda Lincoln @ The Engine Shed in two weeks (16th October) with pals Hervé, Rusko and Delphic (live) for her third appearance. Tickets available here!

So what makes Miss Mac return time and time again?

Andy: "Moda's at that point now where people really want to come and play. Annie's just up for the party. She's really enjoyed all the previous gigs and obviously we see her a lot [Radio One], so its just gonna be a bit of a laugh for everyone."

Avid fans will realise that the boys took Moda on vacation to the White Isle for a few months this summer, I wanted to know just what they'd been up to (n.b anyone that knows me will realise that I get quite protective and sentimental over Moda) whilst I was stuck in the UK looking at a majorly overdrawn bank account! Andy explains Ibiza business - "We've been doing parties at Wonderland for Pete Tong's night. They went really well the highlight being Fake Blood and His Majesty Andre." The pair were also out there representing Radio One where they played Priviledge and Ibiza Rocks, "...that was epic, a lot of the Radio One crew said it was the best one yet, so we were honoured to be involved" adds Jay.

Jaymo: "Secondly we've been getting the Moda Music label kicked off. Craig Duranti is managing the label and its going really well. Shed loads of radio play (and no, not just from us!) and magazine reviews. Both of the first two releases have gone top 5 in the Cool Cuts chart as well as being licensed around the world for various compilations."

If that's not tons on their vinyl plate, they've set up another destination for Moda. London Moda takes off tomorrow night in BIG way with R1 bud Alex Metric, it's about time they come down south a wee bit and share the wealth.

So guys, now you've given breath to Moda London does this mean you're phasing out its Northern counterpart (say it ain't so, *sniff)?

Andy: "Of course not. We've played in most UK venues and The Engine Shed is

one of the best, without a doubt. It's up there with Manchester's Warehouse Project. Especially once we've kitted out with all the extra sound and light."

Jaymo: "The other day we sent Andy off to try get a better quote on some of

the lighting we use, as its really quite expensive. He came back with an even higher quote than the one we had before but with loads of these really cool extra lights. And of course we couldn't resist cos it looked pimp!"

The boys don't see this as their business or income;

Jaymo - "Athough we're professional Moda is like a big toy for us, if there's anything we can do to push it up a gear we'll do it".

The pair are excited for tomorrow nights gig in London, "we have some huge line-ups planned". Be sure to make a stop off to see Jack Beats, Alex Metric and Tom Starr @ The Macbeth, N1.

I wanted to know if the boys are feeling a bit proud of themselves for booking Little Boots just before she exploded, LB played her second ever gig for Moda in Lincoln.

You've got Delphic playing in October, do you feel they'll have a similar explosion onto the scene?

Jaymo: "NME recently stated they Delphic are the band most likely to explode in the next 12 months, so its a chance for people to see them pre-explosion, if you will. People still say to me "I can't believe Little Boots played at Moda last year". She was relatively unknown then but we know she was about to go into orbit, so it just makes the whole event a bit more special."

Andy: "the thing we try to do with Moda (both the events
and the label) is catch people we think are gonna blow, I think people really trust Moda to do things like that these days".

The trust is obvious from the army of fans that have amassed over the past three years, Moda followers are crazy, up for a laugh and completely dedicated to the Moda cause.

The Moda army @ The Engine Shed 08

So guys what artists are big in your lives right now?

Jaymo: "The XX is getting a lot of love in my car stereo, as is the Neon Indian album. Dance floor wise I'm really liking Solo, Mowgli and Riva Starr. Grum and Alex Metric are really on fire, Alex's new stuff is by far his best yet"

Andy: "Fenech Soler are obviously sounding good too right now, great song writers. Can't wait for the album, big Miike Snow fan too - check mine and Jay's remix!"

All that's left to say is thank you to the boys for answering my (probably quite tedious) questions and good luck to the Moda family for the future, I don't want to see any divorce or trial separation - think of the kids!

See you boys in October!

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