Ellie 'gold dust' Goulding.

Part 1 in my series of BIG for 2010 - heads up all La Roux, Regina, and Bat For Lashes fans this is Ellie Goulding, a wonderfully talented twenty-something singer-songwriter from the rolling valleys of Wales.

I've been waiting for Miss Goulding to explode for months and now it won't be long until she's darting round the universe, ricocheting off every mediocre pop star, knocking them into next week (I'm praying it's Jedward she obliterates).

Ellie's simply delicious voice erupted into my atmosphere when I was at university, around ten months ago. A DJ friend of mine, dropped Jakwob's remix of 'Starry Eyed' in Lincoln's legendary club The CELL (now Scy). I was in love, both parties had contributed to an outstanding piece of harmonic dub. And amazingly when removing all the post edits I was thrilled to find that Ellie's voice was still pure class.

Last month Neon Gold posted Ellie's first official release, and oh my I haven't stopped listening to 'Under The Sheets', I think my iTunes is going to worry that it's stuck on repeat (no Little Boots pun intended). There's too many elements to this track that I adore. The lyrics for one are at post-grad level, no crayon scrawl here, no sir. This girl writes about things we can all relate to whether you're a boy, girl, if you're old or young. Her lyrics are comforting and sometimes brutally honest just like an old friend.

It's currently being played massive amounts by Greg James' (off of Radio 1), and it's being soaked up by many others including the wonderful Jools Holland. Jools gave Goulding her television debut, and has given her a sparkle of exposure before the single drops on 16th of this month. Ellie is signed to Polydor records and is currently touring with Little Boots, another succesful lady who went supersonic in only a few months of her debut.

This girl has a lot of admirers and is set to be big next year, she's bound to be remixed to high heaven, like another Ellie (La Roux) we know so well. And hell I am not complaining, remix away, but don't forget the original talent this girl has bubbling inside - do yourself a favour and buy the track!

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